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Name:[No Life King // Alucard]
Birthdate:Dec 15

Description: Alucard as Count Dracula with a stake in his heart, and really what mun imagines him all the time when roleplaying him
Img src: Found @ a-alucard@deviantart

About this Alucard

Last updated: 5/22/16

Bio - Even shorter version
Please, enjoy an AU possibility of an Alucard that is actually a lot nicer, gentler, and compassionate than his canon counterpart due to issues of death, loss, regret, and unable to move pass grief, and literally experience the insanity of having your heart stabbed and broken both physically, mentally, and spirituality many times.

Bio - Short version
This Alucard is AUed, so please read this backstory here. Everything is canon such as Alucard being Vlad Tepes the III, Count Dracula, and being the ultimate Vampire monster made by the Helsing family to kill other monsters. Except the following things:

  • Schrodinger did not exist due to being scientifically impossible to contain a physic theory within an embodiment

  • His Master, Integra Helsing, has died in old age by 90 years of natural causes. Leaving no heir behind.

  • This Alucard is almost 1,000 years old and came from the end of the 23rd century which is year 2200 A.D to the end of year 2300 A.D. His Earth is a normal Earth just like ours. Humans reached the population of 12 billion and have a population/pollution problem, but many advances in science, medicine, and interstellar space travel has been made.

  • Therefore, this Alucard has to endure the grief of living forever with his Master passed away, and deal with the grief of letting her go.

  • Alucard is the First and Last vampire to ever exist on Earth besides his draculina fledging and daughter, Seras Victorias.

  • What does this mean? It means Alucard has 3 millions souls within him, and he won't bitch at all about looking for his Master in dressing RP communities, because he accepted that she died and he must live in order to move on. The what if story if Alucard has to live forever and ever as an immortal being with no challengers on Earth in his timeline.

    "Bring me my bow of burning gold
    Bring me my arrows of desire
    Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
    Bring me my chariot of fire.
    I will not cease from mental fight
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
    Till we have built Jerusalem
    In England's green and pleasant land."
    - "Jerusalem" in "Milton" by William Blake.


    "At dusk, in the plain
    Lay the remains of the young heroes' dreams
    Their loved ones wet the earth with their tears
    That trickle down to become a river"
    - KRASNO SOLNTSE (The Red Sun), song by ORIGA


    "It is men who endure toil and dare dangers that achieve glorious deeds. And it is a lovely thing to live with courage and to die leaving behind an everlasting renown."
    - Alexander the Great, the 1956 film


    "No doubt he thought of everything
    that had happened in his difficult life.
    And then I feel the sun itself
    as it blazes over the hills,
    like a million flowers on fire —
    clearly I'm not needed,
    yet I feel myself turning
    into something of inexplicable value.
    Slowly, beneath the branches,
    he raised his head.
    He looked into the faces of that frightened crowd."
    - The Buddha's Last Intstruction by Mary Oliver
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